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Static electricity by Mind Map: Static
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Static electricity



Unlike charges attract

charged objects

like charges repel

types of electric charge


glass(rubbed with silk)

perspex(rubbed with wood)


amber (rubbed with fur)

rubber (rubbed with fur

polythene(rubbed with wool)


electric field

Causes of static electricity

Contact-induced charge separation

rubbing materials together, e.g., fur against an acrylic rod

Pressure-induced charge separation

Applied mechanical stress generates a separation of charge in certain types of crystals and ceramics molecules, New node

Heat-induced charge separation

Heating generates a separation of charge in the atoms or molecules of certain materials.The atomic or molecular properties of heat and pressure response are closely related.

Charge-induced charge separation

A charged object brought close to an electrically neutral object causes a separation of charge within the conductor., Charges of the same polarity are repelled and charges of the opposite polarity are attracted. As the force due to the interaction of electric charges falls off rapidly with increasing distance, the effect of the closer (opposite polarity) charges is greater and the two objects feel a force of attraction. The effect is most pronounced when the neutral object is an electrical conductor as the charges are more free to move around.

mechanical method which produces static charge between objects


Static electricity refers to the build up of electric charge on the surface of objects

measured by


New node



automotive paint



static bonding