TEDx in Asheville Organizer :: Reporting and Forming

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TEDx in Asheville Organizer :: Reporting and Forming by Mind Map: TEDx in Asheville Organizer :: Reporting and Forming

1. Skype Call

1.1. Well done!!

1.2. Scheduling (Tuesday 1030-1230) the Organizers :: Reporting and Forming meeting

1.2.1. :6-:12 = 1-2 minute - Committee reporting

1.2.2. :30-:40 = Reports from Task Forces

1.2.3. :10 = minute break

1.2.4. :30 = new business & discussions & action items

1.3. John needs information from us

1.3.1. 5-15 best photos of TEDx's in Asheville past see Melody's list!!

1.3.2. a. top 3 challenges faced in 2010 and how/if we overcame them b. top 3 wins from the event. a. Audience Curation decisions a. Sustainability a. ?? b. successfully growing into two events b. b.

1.3.3. Any questions the group has about the future of the event Audience Curation Mechanisms and successes

1.4. BONUS: HBDI training!!

1.4.1. link >>

1.5. Announcements

1.5.1. Major Gifts Conference, Greenville on February 15-16

1.5.2. Values Assessment - Imagine Asheville

2. 2/8/11 Meeting Agenda

2.1. Thank you to YMI

2.2. :6-:12 = 1-2 minute - Committee reporting

2.2.1. Salons Richard Handy 20 locations with cost, technical/practical concerns Mission statement from Salons point of view Dates/times Then explore speakers Small, local single issue presentation/discussions One TED talk One presenter Discussion at event Ongoing blog

2.2.2. Content Develeopment Tebbe Davis & Jennifer Saylor John Miles Rick & Brett Content Diversity/Variety Intentional programming Reach out to find the right people Datagraphic diversity Consistent process/reporting

2.2.3. Schools Ashley Cooper Kids are attending committee meetings Projects

2.2.4. Engagement Robert Allison not at meeting, no report

2.2.5. Outreach Cameron Campbell/Anne

2.2.6. Business Vision Brett A McCall Hermann Brain Dominance International Move Marketing to part of Big Picture

2.2.7. Umbrella Jennifer Saylor Flagship Event Venue (be open-minded)

2.2.8. NGA & Science Ashley Need to start new committees Separate license for NGA Science as a separate projects

2.3. :30-:40 = Reports from Task Forces (10m each, 5m presentation & motion made + 5m discussion & decisions)

2.3.1. Vision/Mission Cameron Campbell (not at meeting) No Committee meeting to date LINK to Cameron's document

2.3.2. Structure Randy Siegel LINK: Handout Leadership Council Feedback

2.3.3. Communication Strategy Anne Manner-McLarty (& Brett A McCall) Show Devo Hat Revamp Basecamp Content Relationship Manager Calendar Select one set of tools and stick to them

2.3.4. format Seeking Alignment Reports :: 10m each 5m presentation & motion made for the suggested course of action 5m discussion & alignment achieved Any further action items will be added to the NEW BUSINESS section of the meeting

2.4. :10 minute break

2.4.1. this is NOTHING time, strategically placed!

2.5. :30 = new business, discussions, & action items

2.5.1. Structure See notes above

2.5.2. Vision/Mission Doc Feedback in writing by 2/11 to Cameron

2.5.3. Human Gathering xScience & xNextGeneration Steps Marketing General Blog post "Real" interns

2.5.4. Communications Plan from now forward Email list to who/when/how Confidentiality is important Big picture via calendars, not just emails

2.5.5. BONUS: HBDI training!! link >> Nomination as speaker 20 people assessment Followed up with training Afterwards, retreat (Lake Lure) Send link again

2.5.6. NEXT COUNCIL MEETING A month from now time of day day time for at least the next one in between Skype call location will request YMI Need to make meeting titles consistent

3. New Tools

3.1. Zen Timer

3.2. Video for Presentation Documentation

3.3. Visible Timer