Renewable Energy

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Renewable Energy by Mind Map: Renewable Energy

1. Biofuels

2. Geothermal Energy

3. Geothermal Electricity Production

4. Geothermal Direct USe

5. Geothermal Heat Pumps

6. Solar Water Heating

7. Geothermal energy is to stable temperature for heating and cooling buildings. Most geothermal located in Alaska & Hawaii.

8. Geothermal Electricity plants access underground steam or hot water to recharge the reservoir and complete renewable cycle. There are 3 types : dry steam, flash steam and binary cycle.

9. Geothermal Direct use provide steady stream of hot water, called heat exchanger. It is a replacement of natural gas to help heat the water become heat. Such as using for fish farm , heat greenhouse and industrial food processing.

10. Geothermal heat pumps can stable change temperature as heating building in the winter and keeping them cool while in the summer.

11. Solar water heating used to heat water for home and swimming pool. Using solar water heating is more effective than electric water heater and also more save money.

12. Biofuels is a liquidfuid that direct convert from biomass, called biofuels. biofules process high energy density that favored to fuel vehicles.

13. Convert sun's heat into electricity.

14. Ocean energy produce two types energy : thermal energy ( form of sun's heat) and mechanical energy     (form from waves )

15. Hydropower

16. Biopower

17. Solar Energy

18. Solar Electricity

19. Solar Thermal Electricity

20. Wind Energy

21. Hydro is the most nature and largest source of the renewable power. Hydropower convert the energy in flowing water into electricity.

22. Bioenergy

23. Bioenergy is the energy derived from biomass. Biomass is a organic matter, such as plant. Industries convert plants into construction can create large quantities biomass to produce bioenergy.

24. Biopower is convert steam into electricity.

25. Directly use power of sun to produce heat, light and power.

26. Convert wind into electricity. Wind enery provide 50 KW to 1 or 2 KW. Below 50KW used for charges batteries, electrify home, pumps water for farms and power remote telecommunication equipment.

27. Ocean Energy

28. Solar electricity is convert from sunlight into electricity. Used to power home electronics. Pv system used as backup electricity.