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projects by Mind Map: projects
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reading as creative act





life projects

cover bands

forturne cookies

list of bukouski poem

paper boat, need magazines, poly (for water proof)

shoes blue

24 projects in 24 hours

civil design

address design

free phone




counterfeit letters and the like do some bills and tickets if you can and try to use them or get a mass of people to use them





installations instructions


claimed events

kissing infront of cctv


infront of

bruce naumen (walking in a square)

tom freedman (1000 hours)



these are to be printed in lots of inperfect srceen printed layers  

failure is an option

do your worst

stop living poster

electric cars


botteled water


weat past

free money

scream poster

people holding posters

is the new black

et = and

leap of faith (leap into the void)

write something with the word - scientificate

giving book

10p title

need to do duotone covers

list of books


Morgan, Thomas Hunt. A Critique of the Theory of Evolution. 1916

Montessori, Maria. The Montessori Method. 1912

Kafka, Franz. The Trial. 1925

Heidegger, Martin. Being and Time. 1962, English Translation

Greenberg, Clement. Art and Culture: Critical Essays. 1961

Friedan, Betty. The Feminine Mystique. 1963

1950 Ludwig Wittgenstein Philosophical Investigations.

can be organized by different thigns

# Edward Gibbon The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire. 1776-87

Karl Marx and Friedrich Engels The Manifesto of the Communist Party. 1848 > Wiki > The Kingdom of God is Within You > Wiki > Symposium (Plato) > Wiki > Walden > Wiki > Politics (Aristotle) > Wiki > Beyond Good and Evil > Wiki > Metamorphosis > Wiki > Metamorphoses > Wiki > Ajax > H3o > Chanson dada > Seven Dada Manifestos > Books > Orwell, George > 1984

4'33" book

web site

the color to use is ikb

2/3 used

gradiant background

make an identity that is a script that is always changing

Gallary in an ally

show of famous work

show of mine and kelly's work

phone things

i love minneapolis and minneapolis loves me

the spy who loved me

photo projects

mary and jesus (mother and son)

yellow india

movie stills

this is in realation to lots of other things it could be big photos or just a a4 thing or a book

every gun in terrentio movie

every red in wes anderson


cast of holes in the sidewalk

shredder paper

let sand pass through my had for one day

make wall paper out of 1000 platous or any deluze book

50 artist statements by others

wikipedia cv (try to make it and keep it up)

project where i give all of my earthly possesions for the paintings i did in australia.

Age news paper with stencil on it

try a second one that is burned by a computer screen

print news print on epson blue lines black text technical drawings of proposals

make bart simpson write john barldissary

every photoshop filter applied to the mona lisa

tape newsprint over crt leave same image on it for a few days to print it

just the subtitles from a movie

on pixel movie or movie average colored.

marxism did not help my credit score

gps qr code to street view of the place where it is weatpasted up