Instruction that improves reading comprehension

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Instruction that improves reading comprehension by Mind Map: Instruction that improves reading comprehension

1. Time spent reading

1.1. additional 20 minutes/day makes an impact

1.1.1. give students time to read in class

2. Interest/Engagement

2.1. Students will read what they are interested in

2.1.1. Before Reading Previews the text Builds Background Sets purposes for reading

3. Metacognition

3.1. Students need to reflect on what they read

3.1.1. During Reading Monitors comprehension Integrates new concepts with existing knowledge checks understanding

3.1.2. After Reading Summarizes Evaluates Makes applications

4. Inferencing

4.1. This is important for comprehension but difficult for many students

5. Measuring Systems

5.1. Lexiles

5.2. Fountas & Pinnell

5.2.1. Guided Reading Levels

5.3. Grade Level

6. What I want to find out

6.1. Have new strategies been developed in the past 5 years? If yes, what are they and are they working?

6.2. Do reading strategies differ based on media used i.e. traditional versus electronic?

6.3. What are the biggest predictors of reading success or failure in students?