Identifying Me

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Identifying Me by Mind Map: Identifying Me

1. Age (Junyao)

1.1. Name of Activity: Transportation Vehicle

1.2. Instructions: Children can use their finger prints to create pictures of different transportation vehicle, such as trucks and helicopters. They can also connect the finger prints with lines to make it more nice and real. Everybody will do this on one piece of vanguard sheet. At the end of the activity, everyone will share. The older children can teach the young children the name of the vehicles. Children at different ages can also learn from each other.

1.3. Technique: Finger / Thumb Painting

1.4. Art Form: 2D painting

1.5. Element: Colours, Lines, Shapes

2. Gender (Candice)

2.1. Name of Activity: what do you like?

2.2. Instructions: Children can use the chalk etching method to draw their favourite activities. For example, boys might draw themselves playing soccer and girls might draw themselves painting. After they have completed their art piece, each child would have to present it in front of the class.

2.3. Technique: chalk etching

2.4. Art Form: 2D painting

2.5. Medium: A3 paper, chalks

2.6. Element: Colours, Shapes

3. Nationality (Joyce)

3.1. Name of activity: how does the Singapore flag look like?

3.2. Instruction: each child is to go to a table with all the materials provided. They are then to envision how a Singapore flag looks like.The children would be told that they are to outline the Singapore flag and its details only. Each child would take a coloured chalk of their choice and start outlining. After outlining, the children are to use either the sponge or tissue paper to smudge the chalk lines. They are to roll the section that was cordoned off by the pencil mark, over the connected chopsticks and use a masking tape to tape it to the paper. Final art piece would be presented to the class by they themselves.

3.3. Medium: Wooden Chopsticks, A5 paper, coloured chalk, sponge, tissues, masking tape

3.4. Technique: chalk etching.

3.5. Art form: 2-D painting

3.6. Element: Colours, Lines, Shapes, Pattern, Texture

4. Race (Therese)

4.1. Name of activity: Different but same

4.2. Instructions: Children will be brought to a nearby park. They will then be asked to find at least 4 leaves of different colours. E.g. Brown/green/red/yellow. They will then be given a piece of A3 drawing block each, while they will need to fold into 4 parts. The children will use the glue to stick one leaf in one area of the drawing block. The children will then be asked questions like: are the leaves same? / how are they different? The teacher will then explain to the children how they are all of different races but are the same people, just like the leaves.

4.3. Medium: A3 drawing block, Leaves, Glue

4.4. Technique: Nature collage

4.5. Element: texture, colour, shape, lines

4.6. Art form: 3D painting