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Innovation & Agility by Mind Map: Innovation & Agility
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Innovation & Agility

Family friendly

Institute an organisation support structure that fosters innovative thinking that can be achieved through various methods

Environment for innovation

Institute / foster environment for innovative thinking - where employees are allowed to fail (but fail quickly) - what are the acceptable parameters?

Rewards / Recognition

Rewards, recognition - Provide incentives (eg. rewards for involvement in innovation forums - eg best idea etc); pay them in non-monetary things e.g. responsibility

Innovation Zone

Innovation Zone - dedicated intranet site where ideas can be lodged for consideration (by Innovation Office).

Idea Allowance

Idea allowance - where ideas (that have been qualified / selected) are provided with funding (including time) to further develop

Dragon's Den

'Dragon's Den' - the 'Dragon's Den' refers to an organisaed session / forum where ideas for improving Fortescue are 'pitched' / presented to a panel for assessment.

Streamline process

Streamline innovation review & approval process - remove frustration of ideas taking months to percolate through the organisation


Allow resourcefulness by giving people permission to address the unforseen in an innovative way

"Seed" & track

'Seed' innovative ideas in the organisation (eg. management buy-in and leadership) & track their diffusion throughout (eg. benefits realisation).


Allow people to champion their own ideas - don't submit ideas & expect them to be handled by someone else.


Instill a culture of improvement by starting each meeting with an "Improvement Idea"


Provide innovation training to Fortescue family - methods and processes to develop innovative ideas (eg. through Innovation Forums / Cafes).

Embrace innovative technologies

Embracing innovative technologies will show the progressiveness of the organisation and being at the 'forefront' / cutting edge - be known as the most progressive in technology & thinking.

Early Adopter

Be the quickest to adopt emerging technologies (do other industries present opportunities?)

Social networking

Enhance ability to inter-connect between employees.  Examples include: twitter, social networking - facebook, office communicator, ipad, mobile applications.

Innovation Office

Dedicated business unit dedicated to leading / providing oversight to all innovation initiaitives.

Chief Innovation Officer

Led by a Chief Innovation Officer (chairing a Senior Innovation Board).

Foster Entrepreneurship

Heavy focus / emphasis on innovation and fostering entrepreneurship

Translate good ideas

Translating ideas from any type of mining into iron ore mining - roles accountable for gathering these ideas.

Think Tanks

Fostering and instigating Think Tanks that are dedicated to problem-solving and research.

Innovation cafes

Dedicated business unit dedicated to leading / providing oversight to all innovation initiaitives.

Idea generation

Structured format whereby ideas are generated in a café style environment with table captains

Idea sharing

Ideas generated are built upon by others in the café - generating ideas on ideas


Innovation cafés are structured around a specific problem statement or organised themes.

Operating structure

Consider the organisation's operating structure - changes can be made to facilitate innovation.

Entrepreneurial vs conservative

Separate operation from idea generation/expansion/adoption. 2 sets of executives: fun, entrepreneurial team vs. conservative, pragmatic team.


Give more autonomy to teams (more responsibility/delegation) or break the organisation into small teams/facilities (Autonomous / autocratic small teams: 6-10)

Rotating team leads

Rotating team leads between / within a business unit or function (or between locations).

Remove rigid hierarcies

Remove rigid hierarchies (potentially flatter structures)

Create hubs

Create hubs (work cells) within organisation structure (especially applicable for larger teams).

CEO Leadership

CEO leadership: demonstrate innovative thinking and leading by example

Innovation campaigns

Kick off campaigns that support and prompt innovation within the organisation.


Visibility of / leadership from CEO regarding Innovation and Entrepreurship - and the importance of these qualities within Fortescue.

Embed innovation

Embed a culture of innovation in the fabric of the organisation.

Mission, Vision, Values

Clear articulation of innovation culture in Fortescue's Mission, Vision & Values.

Risk culture

Understand and articulate Risk culture framework

Mission statement

Requires re-ordering of mission statement - Be known for something other than iron ore; Communicate that there are no ideas too small (eg. Toyota's kaizen system)


Providing employees with incentives for being innovative.


Run competitions that provoke innovative thinking / ideas generated around specific topics (rewards / recognition)


Campaigns that address a certain 'hot topic' / business issue can be used to generate ideas from the Fortescue family.


Key Performance Indicators (eg. linked to remuneration) enforcing and promoting innovation in the organisation.

Team ideas

Business Unit leaders encouraging the development of ideas within their teams and providing a conduit for expressing these to the rest of the organisation.

Case studies

Monthly case studies showcasing ideas that have been implemented (recognition of success) - how these have been embedded and benefited Fortescue.

Hire innovative people

Hiring innovative people can be a positive influence on an organisation's innovation culture.

Innovative qualities

Having a good understanding of what it means to be an innovative leader / person will be crucial for this process.

Job descriptions

Embedding the attributes of being innovative into the job descriptions.

Embed innovation into the performance structure

Embedding innovation into the organisation's performance structure to positively reinforce the importance of innovation.

Innovation KPIs

Identify and develop measurable KPIs with respect to innovation - embedding into the performance cycle.


Differentiate through a strong meritocracy - make a big deal about promotions, promote 'smart' / extremely capable people as early as possible

Performance counsel

Identify "problem children" and performance counsel (address quickly and weed out problems).

Regular Town Halls

Regular Town Halls with Andrew (and CXO suite).

Mine progress

Provide updates on mine progress and milestones achieved.

Updates on innovation

Discuss innovation and provide updates on innovative ideas, get excited about ideas (provide visibility and recognition of success).

Direct employee input

Allow direct input from employees - an avenue for providing feedback to the Townhall, and processing and addressing these (eg. directed to relevant parts of the organisation).

Public recognition

Public recognition and acknowledgement of innovative ideas and how these have been embedded and implemented successfully in the organisation.