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Innovation & Agility by Mind Map: Innovation &
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Innovation & Agility

Family friendly

Institute an organisation support structure that fosters innovative thinking that can be achieved through various methods

Environment for innovation

Rewards / Recognition

Innovation Zone

Idea Allowance

Dragon's Den

Streamline process


"Seed" & track




Embrace innovative technologies

Embracing innovative technologies will show the progressiveness of the organisation and being at the 'forefront' / cutting edge - be known as the most progressive in technology & thinking.

Early Adopter

Social networking

Innovation Office

Dedicated business unit dedicated to leading / providing oversight to all innovation initiaitives.

Chief Innovation Officer

Foster Entrepreneurship

Translate good ideas

Think Tanks

Innovation cafes

Dedicated business unit dedicated to leading / providing oversight to all innovation initiaitives.

Idea generation

Idea sharing


Operating structure

Consider the organisation's operating structure - changes can be made to facilitate innovation.

Entrepreneurial vs conservative


Rotating team leads

Remove rigid hierarcies

Create hubs

CEO Leadership

CEO leadership: demonstrate innovative thinking and leading by example

Innovation campaigns


Embed innovation

Embed a culture of innovation in the fabric of the organisation.

Mission, Vision, Values

Risk culture

Mission statement


Providing employees with incentives for being innovative.




Team ideas

Case studies

Hire innovative people

Hiring innovative people can be a positive influence on an organisation's innovation culture.

Innovative qualities

Job descriptions

Embed innovation into the performance structure

Embedding innovation into the organisation's performance structure to positively reinforce the importance of innovation.

Innovation KPIs


Performance counsel

Regular Town Halls

Regular Town Halls with Andrew (and CXO suite).

Mine progress

Updates on innovation

Direct employee input

Public recognition