Historical Fiction IDU Research and Planning Document

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Historical Fiction IDU Research and Planning Document by Mind Map: Historical Fiction IDU Research and Planning Document

1. The Environment

1.1. Occupations

1.1.1. What is your role in society and/or the community?

1.2. What is the environment like?

1.2.1. weather

1.2.2. landscape

1.2.3. buildings

1.3. How are people living?

1.3.1. How do they would heat their houses?

1.3.2. Food How do they feed themselves? What kinds of food do they eat?

1.3.3. What are people wearing?

1.4. How does religion play a part in the life of your character(s)?

1.5. How do people travel?

1.6. How do people interact?

2. Characters

2.1. Main characters

2.2. Supporting characters

3. What year is the story set in?

4. Assessment Criteria

5. Skills Audit: What can you do on MindMeister?

5.1. Add links

5.1.1. to the sources that you use

5.2. Add images

5.2.1. of what your character may be wearing

5.3. Add videos

5.3.1. Are there any useful videos that describe or try to recreate the environment you will be discussing?

5.4. Add notes

5.5. Add attachments

5.6. Add tasks

5.7. Change the alignment of the map

6. Skills Audit: Google Document Skills

6.1. Share a document

6.2. Word Counts

6.2.1. Find the word count for a whole document

6.2.2. Find the word count for a section of a document

7. Story timeline / plot

7.1. what order do events occur in, in your piece of Historical Fiction

8. The 'big picture' for your Historical Fiction

8.1. Use the 'Notes' feature to add a summary of the plot of your piece of historical fiction

9. Geographical location

9.1. Where is your piece of historical fiction based?

9.1.1. Can you add a link to a map of the location?

10. Correct use of terminology

10.1. Terminology in dialogue

10.1.1. Are you showing the necessary respect within a conversation

10.2. Are you calling things/roles/people by the correct term?

10.2.1. Can you list 12 terms that should be in your piece of historical fiction?

11. Bibliography