science chemistry

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science chemistry by Mind Map: science chemistry

1. definatons

1.1. dependent variables

1.1.1. dependent variable is the observed result of the independent variable being manipulated

1.2. control variables

1.2.1. a control variable is one that must not be changed throughout an experiment because it affects the dependent variables and thus affects the outcome of the experiment

1.3. independent variables

1.3.1. the variable representing the value being manipulated or changed

2. 8 significant attitudes

2.1. curiosity

2.2. open mindedness

2.3. humility

2.4. creativity

2.5. objectivity

2.6. integrity

2.7. responsibility

2.8. perseverance

2.8.1. New node

2.8.2. New node

3. 2 examples of scientific misconduct

3.1. publish deliberately false or misleading research

3.2. take credit for the work of another

4. 6 steps when planning or carrying out scientific investigation

4.1. purpose

4.2. think about how to carry out the experiment

4.3. method

4.4. results

4.5. conclusion

4.6. evaluation