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Planning for Projects - via by Mind Map: Planning for Projects - via

1. Evaluate Current Situation

1.1. Project Name

1.2. Monthly visitors last month

1.3. Home many posts are you writing a month

1.4. How many visitors do you want

2. Content Gameplan For The Month

2.1. How many posts will you write?

2.2. Post

2.2.1. Topic Detail Detail Detail

2.3. Post

2.3.1. Topic Detail Detail Detail

2.4. Post

2.4.1. Topic Detail Detail Detail

2.5. Post

2.5.1. Topic Detail Detail Detail

2.6. Post

2.6.1. Topic Detail Detail Detail

2.7. Post

2.7.1. Topic Detail Detail Detail

3. What Days Am I Going To Promote?

3.1. Use Google Calendar

3.2. Spread out your ideas according to article topics

3.3. Use this as a test

3.3.1. Which days do readers respond best?

4. End Of Month Results

4.1. Monthly Visitors Last Month

4.2. Monthly Visitors This Month

4.3. Email Signups This Month

4.4. How Many Total Articles Did You Write?

4.4.1. additional information from the list

4.5. Sales or Ad Revenue fro Your Site