Universal Music Group

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Universal Music Group by Mind Map: Universal Music Group

1. Publishing Group

1.1. Ability to Develop talent

1.2. Oversees activities for songwriters and artists globally

1.3. Responsible for publishing major artists

1.4. Assemble roster for record label

1.5. Ability to identify talent

2. Business and Legal Affairs

2.1. Overseeing all business transactions

2.2. Develop corporate policies

2.3. Oversees contracts and litigations

2.4. Coordinate government relations

2.5. Build policies against anti-piracy

3. Marketing

3.1. Work directly with label in managing interaction and coordinating artist repertoire

3.2. Making sure artist are receiving their ideal marketing plan

3.3. Create development resources to grow artist careers

3.4. Create global marketing strategies to support and advance artist on the roster

3.5. Coordinating releases, promotion and marketing globally, as well as catalog priority releases

4. Digital Business

4.1. Oversees digital business development activities around the world

4.2. Develop media projects

4.3. Develop strategic relationships

4.4. Oversee business development activities

4.5. Focus on media and technology convergence

5. Human Resources

5.1. Overseeing all aspects of UMG's global human resources operations

5.2. Compensation and benefits

5.3. Recruiting, workforce and leadership planning

5.4. Oversee pensions, union and regulatory framework

5.5. Oversees information systems and diversity intiatives