Education Group A

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Education Group A by Mind Map: Education Group A

1. funding

1.1. inequal for schools which cannot fundraise as much

1.2. high needs schools have different needs

1.3. resources for new curriculumns, teacher training, staffing accurately for needs

1.4. inequity in parental support for fuding

2. Understanding system

2.1. different levels of support and advocacy for students

2.2. have parents who do not have as much understanding

2.3. education and experience of parents

2.4. immigrant families navigating system

3. Wellness

3.1. anxiety

3.2. depression

3.3. parents may also be uncomfortable with school

3.3.1. parents have bias from previous experience

4. Questions to consider:   What is the hardest part about problem? Are other problems caused by this problem? Who or what is currently involved in the problem?

5. curriculum / program of studies

5.1. local?

5.2. high needs schools have different needs

5.3. very European / White perspectives

6. Lack of access to higher education