Digital Communication Tools

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Digital Communication Tools by Mind Map: Digital Communication Tools

1. Pros

1.1. Can connect to friends and family more easier.

1.2. Worldwide communication through the internet.

1.3. The Internet has everything.

1.4. communication is more easier with texting.

1.5. Cellphones are light and easy to carry with you, making it much more convenient then a land line.

1.6. Facetime allows you too talk and see what your friends and family are up too through video and audio.

1.7. It's easier to find things on the Internet.

2. Cons

2.1. Way to addictive.

2.2. Science shows that cellular waves are highly radioactive.

2.3. People rarely go out to socialize anymore.

2.4. People are too lay now a days to go out and look for partners, they have "dating apps and sites" for this.

2.5. Everyone depends too much on their cellular devises.

2.6. People can easily misinterpret a text, causing mis communication creating pointless and unneeded conflicts.

2.7. people are more isolated and tend to be overprotective about their privacy on their phones.