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No Yelling by Mind Map: No Yelling

1. Respect others

1.1. Respect others because it shows how you want to be treated

2. Classroom

2.1. Pay attention

2.1.1. Always pay attention so you can keep up .

2.2. do your work

2.2.1. Always do your work so you can get good grades

2.3. no cheating on tests

2.3.1. Never cheat because you will get caught and get in trouble

3. Hallway

3.1. walk and talk

3.1.1. The reason you need to walk and talk is because if you just stand in the middle of the hallway then you can block other people and make them late to class

3.2. Stay to the right

3.2.1. Stay to the right because you could bump into someone who is in a hurry and they could fall and hurt themselves

3.3. No running

3.3.1. Dont run in the hallway because you can hurt somebody or yourself, and you could get in trouble

4. always behave

4.1. If you dont behave then you will get in trouble and be punished