Student health problems

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Student health problems by Mind Map: Student health problems

1. Consequences

1.1. Getting out of shape.

1.2. Addictions.

1.3. Bad posture.

1.4. Not being able to concentrate.

1.5. Damaged eyes.

1.6. Feeling tired/sleepy.

1.7. Depression.

1.8. Getting sick.(Catching a flue)

1.9. Back problems.

1.10. Headaches.

2. Reasons

2.1. Stress.

2.2. The lack of money.

2.3. The lack of time.

2.4. Having to do tasks in front of your computer.

2.5. Laziness.

2.6. Lack of sleep.

2.7. Lack of parental control.

2.8. Not caring about yourself.

2.9. Drugs/drinking/smoking.

2.10. Junk food.

2.11. Catch a disease from other students/public transport.

3. Solutions

3.1. Planning your time.

3.2. Ask your parents for money.

3.3. Exercise in your free time.

3.4. Eat healthy food.

3.5. Take breaks when your eyes feel tired.

3.6. Do your tasks before deadline.

3.7. Try to do your tasks on paper(If possible).

3.8. Avoid smoking, drinking and doing drugs.

3.9. Solve health problems using medication.

3.10. Sit correctly in front of computer

3.11. Visit doctors regularly.