Religious Intolerance in USA

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Religious Intolerance in USA by Mind Map: Religious Intolerance in USA

1. Globalization

1.1. Ally to religious tolerance, the help offset intolerance

1.1.1. places are starting to accept the idea of different religions, practices, beliefs, etc.

1.1.2. helps people to know and learn about different religions.

1.2. But it has also caused bad impacts.

1.2.1. Since the US is one of  the most important economic power in the world, they have imposed their beliefs over other religions such as that muslims are terrorists.

2. Structural Violence

2.1. There have been many fake thoughts about religion that caused opportunities to decrease because of people’s wrong stereotypes.

3. Human Development INDEX

3.1. Human Development has decreased

3.1.1. Due to fake image of muslims and arabic people that have cause intolerance of religion in US causing violent confrontations by ignorant people. This is an example of lack of values for example, religious intolerance, freedom of speech, freedom of reunion and freedom of ideas.

4. Poverty

4.1. Media has given to the rest of the world fake and incomplete information, and single stories about Muslims.

4.1.1. This has caused fear in news reporters for example and they have abandoned their jobs.

5. Terrorism

5.1. It exists mainly due to religious intolerance, the United States along with other countries are currently fighting ISIS because of this same problem.

6. Middle East

6.1. In the US people that are from the Middle East are seriously discriminated for their religion.

6.1.1. An example of this are all the muslims that have been discriminated because they are thought to be terrorists.

7. GDP

7.1. United States  along with other countries, are fighting ISIS.

7.1.1. At the same time the US is selling weapons to fight this war which is contributing to their GDP growth.


8.1. United States is currently fighting ISIS, whose main goal is to expand their religion all over the world.

8.1.1. This group attacks and assassinates anyone who doesn’t profess the same religion as them. Thus we can say this is a way of extreme religious intolerance.

9. Refugees

9.1. Due to all the conflicts in the Middle East, people have moved to neighbor countries such as Lebanon and other countries in Europe.

9.1.1. But also a large quantity has moved to United States where they have suffered discrimination due to religious intolerance towards muslims and arab people.

10. Entrepreneurs

10.1. Business has been affected and worldwide economy aswell because enterprises have shot down due to armed conflicts and the closing of borders have affected the exchange in goods.

10.1.1. In some cases like weapon industries have raised dramatically  as conflict countries buy large amounts of tools for an organized killing.

11. Human Rights

11.1. Some of the most basic human rights are violated in many religions

11.1.1. -discrimination

11.1.2. - protests against LGBT community

11.1.3. right to a family or marriage is not allowed

11.2. Lack of tolerance towards other religions

11.2.1. Muslims in USA are discriminated, because people think they are terrorists