Nike Town Flagship Store Glasgow

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Nike Town Flagship Store Glasgow by Mind Map: Nike Town Flagship Store Glasgow

1. Store

1.1. Four floors

1.1.1. Ground Floor Photobooth - "Trainerbooth" Polaroid Photos #JustDoItGlasgow Megastore Latest Nike merchandise

1.1.2. First Floor Interactive screens - inspiring athletes past and present History of Scottish sport and Nike, to inspire Sports trials Can you putt like Rory McIlroy?

1.1.3. Some temporary features but others permanent fixtures

1.1.4. Third Floor Nike Club - Fitness Centre Joe Wicks to give classes/training on the night. Trainers employed by Nike going forward. Smoothie bar Specialist recipes to meet individual needs (eg: energy boosting, muscle ache reliever)

1.1.5. Second Floor Nike ID Express Lounge Personalised writing added to selected products. Ready for collection in 2 hours. Swap-Shop Exchanging old Nike products for new, or for points in the future "Pimp my Nike" Giving old Nike products a revamp

2. Pre Event

2.1. Countdown screens

2.1.1. Located at sports venues/tourist attractions QR codes located on each board, scanning creates points which can be exchanged for Nike merchandise

2.2. Nike T-shirts specially designed for store opening sent to invitees as initial gift

2.3. Social media focus

2.3.1. Facebook & Twitter to begin with Gives store "sneak peaks" and clues on where to find the countdown clocks

2.3.2. #JustDoItGlasgow to permeate full event

3. History Focus

3.1. History of Scottish sport

3.1.1. Football, Rugby,Shinty, Basketball, Rowing

3.2. History of Nike

3.2.1. Founders, year of foundation, company journey, mission statement, values

4. Corporate Social Responsibility

4.1. Donations to sports projects in and round Glasgow

4.1.1. £10 given by Nike to projects for every donation to Swap Shop

4.1.2. Ongoing support, may be through sponsorship or training

4.2. Minimise environmental footprint

4.2.1. Reduce energy, water and waste

4.3. Transform manufacturing

4.3.1. Sustainable labour innovaiton

4.4. Unleash human potential

4.4.1. Bring inspiration and innovation to every athlete

5. Technology Focus

5.1. Limited but effective

5.1.1. Countdown clocks Always changing time

5.1.2. QR Codes Connects to Twitter feed

5.1.3. Interactive screens In-store to allow customers to take thier own Nike journey through history

5.1.4. Nike ID Express Lounge Personalisation of selected goods