Group A - Understanding System

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Group A - Understanding System by Mind Map: Group A - Understanding System

1. shame / fear

1.1. won't ask for help - feel emberrased

1.2. parents nervous their children will find they don't know it all, won't look up them

1.3. example

2. Lack of time

2.1. single parents, multiple jobs - too busy

2.2. access teacher or school at different times

2.3. who impacted: parents, students, teachers, admin, community

3. written for people who already understand

3.1. English

3.2. education jargon

3.3. example

4. un-concerned parents - don't see value

4.1. example

4.2. how do we make the value of education explicit , concrete

4.3. shame / fear

4.4. connecting with parents not just when going poorly

5. Questions to consider while discussing this topic: What is the real problem?
 What’s the hardest part about problem? 
Are other problems caused by this problem?
 Who or what is currently involved in the problem?
   Who is affected by this problem?

6. Share with the group in this format: Our problem is…. the lack/clarity of communication to parents, teachers, students about the education system. The hardest part about the problem is…inaccessibility due to the complexities. How can we simplify or categorize issues so that people can access information and get suggestions. And the people, place or thing that is affected by this problem are….children, parents, teachers and the public.