Linear Equations

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Linear Equations by Mind Map: Linear Equations

1. Slope

1.1. Rise over run

1.2. y2-y1 over x2-x1

1.3. change in y over change in x

2. Graphing Linear Equations

2.1. Graph y=m+b

2.1.1. graph the y intercept (b) then do rise over run

2.2. Graph standard form

2.2.1. Ex- 4x+5y=20 plug in 0 for y to find out the x-intercept then solve. x =5

2.2.2. plug in 0 for x to find out the y intercept then solve. y=4 plot (0,4) on the graph

3. Vertical lines

3.1. have the same slope

3.2. points will have the same x value

3.3. equation of vertical line is x=b

3.4. go up and down

4. Slope intercept form

4.1. Y=mx+b

4.2. m=slope

4.2.1. b=y intercept

5. Standard form

5.1. Ax+By=C

5.2. A and B are coefficients

5.3. C is constant

6. Horizonatal lines

6.1. go left and right

6.2. have the same y value

6.3. has slope of 0

6.4. parallel to the x coordinate

6.5. equation of the line is y=b