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MyPeptii® Online Community by Mind Map: MyPeptii® Online Community

1. Adverse event reporting

1.1. Allows patients to report any adverse events they may have

1.2. Data sent to Nuvatori® and their prescribing doctor

1.3. Enables data collection for Risk Management Plan

2. Diet Advice

2.1. Recepies added weekly

2.2. Calorie Counter

2.3. Weight tracker

2.3.1. Weight

2.3.2. Waist circumference

2.3.3. BMI

3. Workout Ideas

3.1. Can be done at home or in the gym

3.2. Updated weekly

3.3. Created by personal trainers who specialise in people that are morbidly obese

4. "Lets Do This Together"

4.1. One male and one female for each launch country selected in Phase III clincial trials

4.1.1. Short weekly blog about their weight loss journey whilst on Peptii®

4.1.2. Will have monthly 'weigh ins' to see progress

4.1.3. Will describe what they do to manage their weight in addition Peptii® (any diet or lifestyle changes)

4.1.4. Moderated by Nuvatori® personell

4.1.5. Will be compensated by having free Peptii® prescriptions and subsidised specialist visits

4.1.6. More people will be added to the app in the post-launch years to retain interest and motivation for patients

4.1.7. In USA: Post-launch aims include having these bloggers alongside motivational speakers in seminars across the country to encourage people to join them in their weightloss journey with Peptii®

5. "Remind Me"

5.1. Patient can set reminders for

5.1.1. When they need to fill their script

5.1.2. When they need a new script from their prescribing doctor

5.1.3. When they need to take their dose Will be able to show patients on a calendar when they have marked off that they have taken their dose

5.2. Reminders can be sent via

5.2.1. Text message

5.2.2. Email

5.2.3. Alarms on their device

6. Contact Us

6.1. Contact Nuvatori® 24hr hotline

6.1.1. Will be able to call if they have any inquiries or concerns about their Peptii® use

6.1.2. Will be accessible globally in the languages that market our product

6.2. Contact their prescribing doctor

7. Instructional Video

7.1. How to use the device