Careers Supprt System

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Careers Supprt System by Mind Map: Careers Supprt System

1. Business change

1.1. Awareness

1.1.1. Change models Unfreeze/Change/Refreeze - Kurt Lewin Denial/Resistance/Exploration/Commitment

1.1.2. Stakeholder analysis Stakeholder mapping Commitment vs influence Turning saboteurs into Advocates

1.1.3. Creating and communicating the project vision

1.2. Readiness

1.2.1. Champion models - using peers to influence

1.2.2. Coaching models - helping people to help themselves

1.2.3. Self-assessment & training selection Filer/Inboxer/Purger model & self assessment tool

1.3. Action

1.3.1. Storytelling

1.3.2. Appraisal and performance management

1.3.3. Developing a Constant Learning culture

2. IT Team change

2.1. Strategy

2.1.1. Defining a vision

2.1.2. Defining a service portfolio

2.2. People

2.2.1. Changing perceptions of what we are here to do Client experience model

2.2.2. Skills and capabilities From technical to business

2.3. Processes

2.3.1. Support models

2.3.2. Change management

2.3.3. Coping with the Google effect (change out of your control, at limited notice).

3. Technology change

3.1. Selection

3.1.1. 2x2 matrix on what's right for cloud

3.1.2. Tendering processes Differences in procurement models for commoditised services Business objectives - not just costs

3.1.3. New views on SLAs? Complex systems and the challenges of SLA management Are SLAs an excuse for not going Cloud? Is Security an excuse for not going Cloud? SAS70 The Airline analogy (with numbers) DPA (& Safe Harbor) - but does anyone actually comply with DPA anyway?

3.2. Migration

3.2.1. Migrate or start from scratch

3.2.2. Dealing with migration bandwidth

3.2.3. Challenges of co-existence (and the Outlook trap)

3.3. Decommission

3.3.1. Server side

3.3.2. Client side

3.3.3. Support & process

4. About this map