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Careers Supprt System by Mind Map: Careers Supprt System
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Careers Supprt System

There are three distinct paths of change that need to be addressed in any move to Cloud-based software as a service (maybe also for IAAS or PAAS) - changing the technology (the bit that IT teams are most experienced in); changing the business (which we've talked about for a decade, but have struggled to realise); and changing the IT Team (which is often overlooked entirely)

Business change


Change models, Unfreeze/Change/Refreeze - Kurt Lewin, Denial/Resistance/Exploration/Commitment

Stakeholder analysis, Stakeholder mapping, Commitment vs influence, Turning saboteurs into Advocates

Creating and communicating the project vision


Champion models - using peers to influence

Coaching models - helping people to help themselves

Self-assessment & training selection, Filer/Inboxer/Purger model & self assessment tool



Appraisal and performance management

Developing a Constant Learning culture

IT Team change


Defining a vision

Defining a service portfolio


Changing perceptions of what we are here to do, Client experience model

Skills and capabilities, From technical to business


Support models

Change management

Coping with the Google effect (change out of your control, at limited notice).

Technology change

Technology change is the area where IT Teams have the most experience. It's a different world with Cloud, though, because you implement and then have very little technology to worry about at the end of the project  


2x2 matrix on what's right for cloud

Tendering processes, Differences in procurement models for commoditised services, Business objectives - not just costs

New views on SLAs?, Complex systems and the challenges of SLA management, Are SLAs an excuse for not going Cloud?, Is Security an excuse for not going Cloud?, SAS70, The Airline analogy (with numbers), DPA (& Safe Harbor) - but does anyone actually comply with DPA anyway?


Migrate or start from scratch

Dealing with migration bandwidth

Challenges of co-existence (and the Outlook trap)


Server side

Client side

Support & process

About this map

A work in progress... I've been asked to pull together a seminar for the Cloud Circle group. This map pulls together thinking about what it might look like, and links out to other materials and articles I've written in the past few years. Feel free to edit, add comments, ask questions...