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Findings by Mind Map: Findings

1. Situation of 
organ donation

1.1. Organs is unable to meet the demand.

1.2. 2,000 patients waiting for proper organs every year while about 50 of them passed away in waiting.

1.3. 100 brain-dead patients are suitable for organ donation every year but only about half of them donated.

1.4. Family disagreed due to the traditional belief and the uncertainty of their wishes.

1.5. Hong Kong does not have a dedicated authority. Hospitals do not have dedicated teams.

1.6. A Committee on Promotion of Organ Donation was set up in April 2016 to increase the rate of register.

1.7. The opt-out system is still being investigated.

2. Description of organ donation

2.1. From media & respondents

2.1.1. generous and love

2.1.2. helping and saving lives

2.1.3. mutual benefits and fortune

2.1.4. benevolence

2.1.5. meaningful

2.1.6. open-minded

2.2. From religions

2.2.1. Christians: loving others as self

2.2.2. Catholics: respecting lives and to help others.

2.2.3. Buddhists: eliminate the pain of others and collecting charitable and pious deed (功德) to have a better reincarnation (輪迴).

2.2.4. Islam: saving lives and respecting human dignity.

3. Existing promotion in HK

3.1. Organ Donation Day

3.2. Leaflets and posters

3.3. Booths at MTR stations, hospitals, streets

3.4. Colour books, games, educational material

3.5. Bus parade

3.6. Promotion truck with videos and games

3.7. ‘Organ Donation Promotion Charter’

3.8. Sports gala

4. The real stories related

4.1. Donors & Their family

4.1.1. ‘Putting self to other’s shoes’, they felt the pains and needs of others so decided to help / donate.

4.1.2. Helping others is meaningful and it’s a grace.

4.1.3. The bereaved family felt warm & comforted, donation brightened up the others and also brought happiness to another family.

4.1.4. It feels like the love/ part of the deceased is still here.

4.2. Recipients

4.2.1. Felt depressed and anxious in the tough experience under disease, then very grateful after gained the proper organ to live on.

4.2.2. Learn to treasure and respect life.

4.2.3. Hopes to impact others with love and support organ donation.

4.3. People around

4.3.1. Felt touched and support organ donation.

4.3.2. Learned from the luck about saving lives and hope to deliver the luck to the others.

5. Research question 2

6. Research question 3

7. Research question 4

8. Research question 5

9. Research question 1

10. Interview + Questionnaire

11. Literature review + Secondary sources + Questionnaire

12. Questionnaire + Interview + Literature review + Secondary sources

13. Interview

14. Literature review + Secondary sources

15. Attitude and action of citizens

15.1. More than 50% of citizens are willing to donate.

15.2. Some expressed their wish to family members/ friends, just a few of them carried an organ donation card / registered online.

15.3. Only about 3% of the population registered at the Centralised Organ Donation Register.

15.4. About 40% of those who are willing to donate had done nothing to express their wish.

15.5. Who aged 55-64, who divorced/ separated/ widowed, blue collar workers, those with less monthly household income, those living in public rental flats and those with lower educational attainment of the respondents tend to be not willing to donate organs after death.

16. Reasons to register

16.1. help other people

16.2. organs are useless to self after death

16.3. knowing the organs are always in limited supply

16.4. influenced by media

17. Reasons not to register

17.1. family members disagree

17.2. traditional belief

17.3. would like to keep the body intact

17.4. unfamiliarity of the donation system

17.5. feel unlucky

17.6. still young to think

17.7. afraid of unknown

18. Reasons not yet register

18.1. didn’t action actively

18.2. thinking registration is not urgent

18.3. Stilling considering the way to express

18.4. don’t know the ways to express

19. Ad messages from foreign campaigns

19.1. Save others. Save up to 8 lives.

19.2. Waiting is frustrating.

19.3. Putting self in others’ shoes.

19.4. No excuse for us. Even a stupid / bad guy could be hero to save others.

19.5. Death is not the end. To extend lifetime.

19.6. Passing the organs like passing something you have finished.

19.7. Give happiness to others.

19.8. Everybody is needed.

19.9. If you’re not an organ donor when you die, you take another life with you.