Identifying Me

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Identifying Me by Mind Map: Identifying Me

1. Race (Sharmilla)

1.1. Name of activity: Fill me in!!!

1.2. Instruction:

1.2.1. 1. There will be 3 groups consisting of 4 children in each group.

1.2.2. 2. Each group will have a mix of races – Chinese Malay Indians and Others.

1.2.3. 3. Children will be given templates of the different traditional costumes.

1.2.4. 4. Each child will receive one template not of his or her own race. For example, an Indian child would receive either a Malay or Chinese traditional costume template.

1.2.5. 5. The children are required to decorate the traditional costume by picking up fallen leaves and flowers out at the garden or outdoor area.

1.2.6. 6. Each child will also be given chalks and tissue paper to Colour and decorate the template using their creativity.

1.2.7. 7. Children are encouraged to complete the nature collage on the traditional costume and use chalk etching to fill in the colours for the template.

1.3. Technique:

1.3.1. 1. Nature Collage

1.3.2. 2. Chalk Etching

1.4. Art Form:

1.4.1. Visual Art

1.5. Medium:

1.5.1. 1. Traditional Costume Template

1.5.2. 2. Chalks

1.5.3. 3. Tissue

1.5.4. 4. Glue

1.6. Element:

1.6.1. 1. Colour

1.6.2. 2. Texture

2. Nationality (Syahmi)

2.1. Name of activity: My country ; My home

2.2. Instruction:

2.2.1. 1. The teacher will be provide each child with a piece of A4 paper.

2.2.2. 2. The teacher will display the shape of Singapore (island) on the whiteboard and the children will trace the shape of Singapore (island) on their paper and cut it out. (TEACHER WILL ASSIST)

2.2.3. 3. On the piece of paper, the children are required to draw a collage of what they have seen and experienced around Singapore.

2.2.4. 4. They will have to then colour their work after they have completed drawing.

2.3. Technique: Drawing Collage

2.4. Art Form: Visual Art

2.5. Medium:

2.5.1. A4 paper

2.5.2. Scissors (child-friendly)

2.5.3. Pencils

2.5.4. Crayons

2.5.5. Colour Pencils

2.5.6. Erasers

2.6. Element: Colour, Shape and Line

3. Gender (Syaida)

3.1. Name of activity: Mini Me

3.2. Instruction:

3.2.1. 1. Give a child a box of chalks, a set of clothes template and some textured materials each to decorate their template of a person

3.2.2. 2. Demonstrate how to chalk etch so that they can colour their person and clothes

3.2.3. 3. Ask the children to imagine that the person template is them and ask them to decorate their hair (yarn) clothes that they will be wearing with the different textured materials.

3.2.4. 4. Give the child another set of the above mentioned materials and ask them to imagine him/herself in the shoes of the other gender and allow the child to recreate another version of themselves.

3.2.5. 5. Let the child compare and ask them about the differences

3.2.6. 6. Direct child to learn about the other gender without stereotyping

3.3. Technique: Chalk etching

3.4. Art Form: pasting, cutting and colouring

3.5. Medium:

3.5.1. Chalk of different colours

3.5.2. Template of clothes

3.5.3. Template of people

3.5.4. Different textured materials

3.6. Element: Colour Textures

4. Age (Akidah)

4.1. Name of activity: Through the years

4.2. Technique: Chalk- etching

4.3. Instruction:

4.3.1. 1. Ask the children to draw themselves at various ages. I.e. 1 year old, 4 years old, 6 years old; along with their favourite things i.e toys, food, etc.

4.3.2. 2. They will use coloured chalk to create their drawings.

4.3.3. 3. The activity will end with circle time where the children will be asked to talk the differences between the three images.

4.3.4. 4. The teacher can prompt them to think about the differences in their body, physical abilities and academic prowess.

4.4. Art Form: Drawing

4.5. Medium: Chalk and Paper

4.6. Element: Colour, Shape and Space