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1. Classification of Alkanes

1.1. Methyl

1.2. Primary

1.3. Secondary

1.4. Tertiary

2. How To Name It?

2.1. 1. Determine the number of carbons in the longest continuous chain

2.2. 2. Number the chain in the direction that gives the substituent as low a number as possible

2.3. 3. List the substituent in the alphabetical order. Number and word are separated by "-" ; numbers are separated by ","

2.4. 4. Only if the same set of numbers is obtained in both directions does the first group listed get the lower number

2.5. 5. In the case of two hydrocarbon chains with the same number of carbons, choose the one with the most substituents

3. Systematic Names

3.1. have numbers eg: 2-methylpentane

4. Common Names

4.1. does not contain any numbers eg: isohexane