Horse Behavior

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Horse Behavior by Mind Map: Horse Behavior

1. Why Is It Happening?

1.1. Bad Steering

1.1.1. Pain Nervous horse Testing the rider

1.2. New Object

1.2.1. Sudden noise Green Horse

1.3. Rider Is a "weak" rider

1.3.1. Rider Is sending confusing signals to the horse

2. Correcting

2.1. Inexperienced horses should be corrected as if nothing happened, try again.

2.1.1. Midterm

2.2. If behavior is due to a pain related issue, there should be no punishment

2.3. A runout was not the horses fault. You should not punish your horse for something you did.

2.4. Experienced horses are just testing you. Horse should be pointed at center of the jump, bridge the reins and proceed towards the jump while applying pressure with your leg. Last resort: Stick before jump.

3. Bad Behavior

3.1. Spooking

3.1.1. Refusals

3.2. lack of self-caariage