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Sentense by Mind Map: Sentense

1. Composite

1.1. Compound

1.1.1. I am 17 and my brother is 21.

1.1.2. My father can speak English but I can`t do it.

1.1.3. She didn`t go to the university as she had fallen ill.

1.2. Complex

2. Simple

2.1. Declarative

2.1.1. I am a student.

2.1.2. We had a party last night.

2.1.3. There will be an exam soon.

2.1.4. She can play football.

2.2. Interrogative

2.2.1. Are you an economist?

2.2.2. Do you study English?

2.2.3. Will he take a bus?

2.3. Negative

2.3.1. She doesn`t like apple jam.

2.3.2. You won`t cry.

2.4. Exclamative

2.4.1. What clever device!

2.4.2. How nice of you!

2.4.3. That was such great music!

2.5. Imperative