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Theoretical Grammar by Mind Map: Theoretical Grammar

1. The Verb

1.1. the types of verbs the grammatical categories of verbs: voice, mood, tense, number and others

2. The Grammatical Categories

2.1. categories of case of nouns; voice, aspect, order of verbs oppositions

3. The Parts of Speech

3.1. notional and functional parts of speech

4. The Adjectives

4.1. types of adjectives  the grammatical category of degrees of comparison

5. The Noun

5.1. the grammatical categories of nouns a) number b) case

6. The Adverb

6.1. the types of adverbs the grammatical category of degrees of comparison

7. Language and Speech Levels

7.1. 1. phonological/phonetical level: phoneme/phone 2. morphological level: morpheme/morph 3. lexicological level: lexeme/lex 4. Syntax - minor: sentence 5. Syntax - major: text

8. The Grammatical Structure of a Language

8.1. synthetic and analytical languages

9. The Morphemic Structure of the English Language

9.1. Morphemes lexical                    grammatical free - bound         free - bound

10. Syntax

10.1. the types of syntactical relations a) coordination b) subordination c) predication: primary and secondary predication   the types of syntactical relations according to the form of the constituents a) agreement b) government c) collocation

11. Sentence

11.1. the types of sentences