Management Rewired

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Management Rewired by Mind Map: Management Rewired

1. Paradigm Shift (150-152)

1.1. Resilience

1.1.1. Humans quickly recognize information that confirms existing knowledge.

1.1.2. Humans cleverly reject information that conflicts or is dissonant by ignoring discounting rationalizing

1.2. Thinking

1.2.1. Left hemisphere Routine-familiar information processing

1.2.2. Right hemisphere Creative Processing of new information.

1.2.3. Reversals of logic and the counterintuitive New information is anything contrary to our expectations This forces us to reflect, to stand back and reorients us to the big picture. This is an evolutionary survival trait. Breakthrough occurs when you stop the automatic, unconscious processing of the neural circuits that have become acclimated to a set of inputs, perceptions and ideas. Cognitive restructure New integration Updating the model Forces the reevaluation of the paradigm (structures of experience).