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Cheyenne's Food Chain by Mind Map: Cheyenne
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Cheyenne's Food Chain



Cow, Human, bear, human

rabbit, cat, hawk, fox, bear, humans, dog, mountain lion, human, human, snake, snake, human, human

deer, montain lion, worms, birds, cat, human, human, bear, human

dog, bear, human

Great Oak Tree

squirrel, cat, dog, hawk, bear, human, hawk, fox, bear, human, human, dog, human, fox, human, snake, hawk, bear, human

bug, bird, hawk, fox, bear, human, cat, hawk, fox, dog, bear, human, dog, fox, human, rabid bear, bear, human, snake, cat, human, cat, human, hedgehog, human, bats, cat, hawk, frog


mouse, cat, hawk

bird, cat, dog, bear, human