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Technology -mediated Education by Mind Map: Technology -mediated Education
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Technology -mediated Education

Education and Technology

Getting started: exploring what you know about... and what you do with... Technology in the classroom. What is technology- mediated education for you?

Activity 4. Video guided reciprocal discussions in couples using Voice Thread., group task

Construct and practice: Learning in the digital Age

Global Learning in the Digital Age, NETS-T (Teachers), NETS-S (Students), Activity 5. Analizing video: "ISTE CEO. Don Kanezec discusses the NETS" Use the guide how to analize a video., individual task

Technology-mediated education, Instructional Strategies, Project Based Learning (PBL), Collaborative Learning, Activity 6. Challenges and difficulties of technology-mediated education. Group structured case study., cases, group task, Co-evaluation

Future actions: Designing your personal action plan

Activity 7. Design your personal action plan using technology in a Timeline. Review and recommend to your partners., individual task

Personal learning environment (PLE) and Technology


Getting started: My Personal Learning Environment

Activity 1. Create your PLE., individual task

Construct and practice: PLE and Lifelong Learning

Activity 2. Summarize the topic PLE using the reading method SQ5R., individual task


Activity 3. Expanding my PLE. Contribute with your ideas to the group mind map about PLE., individual task

Self-evaluation of NETS-T. Do I have the skills and knowledge that I need to change the way I teach, the way I work, and the way I learn in an increasingly connected global and digital society?

individual task

Adaptation period

Face to face induction


December 2

Online activities


December 2-3

Language Learning and Technology


Getting started: Making a CALL...What do you know about CALL?, Activity 8. Social learning networking with Edmodo about CALL. Find concepts, summarize. Find resources related with CALL., individual task but cooperative

Construct and practice: CALL for educators, Foundations, present and future on CALL, Activity 9. Discuss the advantages and disadvantages of the technologies used during the past 5 years for Language Learning, and the perspectives of the new technologies that will be used in the future. Focus on Language skills, challenges and difficulties. What is the role of technologies in language learning? Create a timeline, group task, coevaluation, Going to the MALL: m-learning, Activity 10. Design the storytelling of a learning object for mobile devices to develop language skills using google docs., co-evaluation, individual task


Personal Technology Project

Review emerging technologies., Emerging ICT, Web 2.0, Technologies to watch: three adoption horizon, Horizon Report

Design a model lesson using technology to develop a language skill according to NETS and Colombian Language Standards. Prepare a presentation for the Webinar 2., co-evaluation, individual task