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King Arthur by Mind Map: King Arthur

1. Secondary Characters

1.1. Merlin

1.2. Tristan

1.3. Gawain

1.4. Galahad

1.5. Bors

1.6. Roman Bishop Germanus

2. Plot

2.1. Call to adventure

2.1.1. Arthur and his knights must save a roman family of Marius Honorius order to get their freedom.

2.2. Seperation

2.2.1. Arthur and his men embark on their journey to retreive the roman family, in return for their freedom

2.3. Test and trials

2.3.1. King Arthur, his men and the people they're rescuing are being pursued by Saxons, and must fight them off, they do so on the large lake, by smashing the ice, this slows them down

2.4. Supreme ordeal

2.4.1. King Arthur, his men, and the native Britons must fight off the saxons and defend Hadrians wall. They are able to defeat them due Arthurs planning and quick thinking.

2.5. Return

2.5.1. King Arthur return to their normal live and their freedom to not have to fight for the romans anymore

2.6. Reward

2.6.1. King Arthur and his men get their freedom and no longer have to serve for the Romans.

3. Setting

3.1. The story take place in 467 A.D. On the border between Britain and ancient rome

3.2. It is shown as a cold place (snow and ice)

4. Romantic mode

4.1. The knights display honour and valour when they decide to help all of the people that were being held captive by Marius and even kill Marius in the end to protect the child.

4.2. The Knight also display fair play when they decide to stay and defend Badon hill even though they are extremely out numbered

5. Characters (Main)

5.1. Good

5.1.1. King Arthur Brave Is fearless Heroic Stays behind to fight saxons Leader Is a very good leader Kind Puts others needs before his Smart/Clever Is able to out smart and defeat saxons Strong Is skilled and is a very good fighter

5.1.2. Lancealot King Arthurs right hand man Brave Will do anything for his friends strong Is a skilled fighter Smart Is smart and vigulant

5.1.3. Dagonet Selfless He sacrificed his life to buy to save his friends Caring Helps the child Brave Runs into a herd of enemies Kind Helps others

5.1.4. Guinevere Kind Want to help and protect Compasionate Is caring and wants to help others Selfless Put others before her Accurate Is very good with a bow King Arthurs lover They build a romantic relationship

5.1.5. Merlin Leader Working with Arthur to defeat Saxons

5.2. Evil

5.2.1. Chief Cerdic (Saxon) Strong/Powerful Is a good fighter Ruthless Will kill with no remorse Cruel Has no respect for human life Leader Is a powerful leader and able to influence others Fierce Is angry and looks tough Hairy Is very hairy

5.2.2. son of Cynric (Saxon) Obedient Will obey anything his father tells him Ruthless Will kill anyone Cold hearted Feels no remorse