The process of creating video

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The process of creating video by Mind Map: The process of creating video

1. 1. Brainstorming for video ideas

1.1. Research online for some ideas

1.2. How to approach the process of making a video

2. 2. Definition of the topic

2.1. Research online for the definition

2.2. Elaborate the topic with our knowledge

3. 3. Planning Question

3.1. Determine the scope of our topic

3.2. Deciding which kind of question to cover the topic

4. 4. Creating the video

4.1. Use Adobe Flash as a tool to create video

5. 5. Characters in video

5.1. Draw the characters

5.2. Determine the character's expression

6. 6. Narration for video

6.1. Planning for the script

6.2. Practice for the script

6.3. Writing the script

6.4. Recording the voices in a quiet place

7. 7. Editing the video

7.1. Remove the unnecessary part of the video