Instructional Website

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Instructional Website by Mind Map: Instructional Website

1. Home

1.1. Overview

1.2. Mind map for instructional website

2. Instructional Video

2.1. Instructional video for students to watch

3. Instructional Module

3.1. Imbedded EDpuzzle for students to complete

4. Assessment

4.1. Link to Socrative quiz

5. Wrap Up

5.1. Link to Prezi about real-world application

5.2. Link to resources page

5.3. Link to commenting page (Let's Talk!)

5.4. Link to grading breakdown (Grading)

6. Resources

6.1. Resources used for this instructional website

6.2. Resources the students can use to continue their studies

7. Narrative

7.1. Contains written narrative for project