Butterfly Life Cycle

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Butterfly Life Cycle by Mind Map: Butterfly Life Cycle

1. Egg

1.1. The egg hatch and out come tiny caterpillars

1.2. The mother butterfly lays her eggs on a leaf.

2. Caterpillar

2.1. The caterpillar eats its own egg shell

2.1.1. Then, it begins to eat leaves. The caterpillar stops eating and hangs from a branch

2.2. The caterpillar has a mouth, strong jaws.. and six eyes on each side of its head.

3. Chrysalis

3.1. The caterpillar hangs from the branch

3.1.1. Then, it builds a shell around its body.

3.2. The caterpillar slowly changes.....

4. Adult Emerges

4.1. The caterpillar then emerges into a BUTTERFLY!!

4.2. the

5. Adult Butterfly

5.1. Each caterpillar grows into its own kind of butterfly

5.2. Painted lady caterpillar/Painted lady butterfly

5.3. Read admiral caterpillar/Red admiral butterfly

5.4. Cabbage white caterpillar/cabbage white caterpillar