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1. M-business

2. basically : same with M-commerce business also trade through the mobile either M-banking and others.

3. applications in businnes : journalists can sumbit a report to quickly direct result of its location by using a wireless device. he did not need to seek a connection cable for internet access. thus, there will be efetifitas and efficiency of time and energy when using wireless in business.

4. example : M- Banking

5. Analyses : but as well as the M-commerce, M-banking is also of benefit to if a customer wants to transfer money or make payments, they need to look for atm does not pick and street away just to do so because only through their mobile phones can already do at once.

6. Problem : -Process data is sometimes slow at certain hours., -because it involves two servers, the bank server and server mobile provider, so if one server recover would interfere in the process of transacting.

7. Electronic Trading System

8. bassically : M-commerce is a combination of electronic commerce (e-commerce) and mobile computing. it could be said that m-commerce is e-commerce that are in a wireless environment. just as e-commerce in general, the use of m-commerce can be transacted over the internet, personal communication networks, smart cards, and other infrastructure.

9. problem : if using M-commerce is usually often customers are deceived either in terms of traders taking money without the goods or in terms of the goods that do not fit in the picture.

10. using portable equipment/mobile such as mobile phones, smart phones, PDAs, notebook, and others.

11. based applications points (M-commerce) : using wireless devices. 2.Place-Based Ads. 3.Place-Based Services.

12. example : -Online shop

13. Analyses : online shop typically trade in cyberspace or through a mobile phone, where customers can buy with just a click and then make a payment via bank, that would be very easy to do by the customers because they do not have to walk far to get the desired item.

14. The development of m-commerce is caused by several factors :

15. Some of the popular applications using m-commerce is: services. 2.information access. transactions,etc.

16. Applications in financial services : 1.Mobile Banking, 2.Wireless Electronic Payment System, 3.Micropayment, 4.Wireless wallet (m-wallets), 5.Wireless Bill Payments.

17. 1. The continued development of wireless mobile devices, 2. no longer need a PC, 3. ''mobile phone culture'', 4.The costs tend to decline, 5. Repair bandwidth.

17.1. The development of m-commerce is caused by several factors:

18. make buying and selling products on the internet by using m-commerce system.

19. M-commerce opportuniities to provide new services for existing customers and to attract new customers.