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Electromagnetic Spectrum by Mind Map: Electromagnetic Spectrum
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Electromagnetic Spectrum

Types of waves

Radio Waves

Wavelength/m, 10^-1 - 10^5

Examples, Radio, Television Communication, Radio Telescope


Wavelength/m, 10^-3 - 10^-1

Examples, Statellite Communications, Television, Mobile Phone Networks, Microwave Cooking

Infra-Red Radiation

Wavelength/m, 10^-7 - 10^-3

Examples, Remote Control of electrical Aplliances, Intruder Alarm, Infra-red Photography, Radiant Heater

Visible Light

Wavelength/m, 10^-7

Examples, Optical Fibres, Medical, Telecommunications, Photosynthesis, Laser, Medical, Industrial, Surveying


Wavelength/m, 10^-8 - 10^-7

Examples, Sunbeds, Sterilisation, Forgery Detection, Fluorescence Effect


Wavelength/m, 10^-13 - 10^-8

New node, Medical / Dental Inspections, Checking Welds, Analysis of Crystal Structure, Airport Security, Treatment of Cancer

Gamma Rays

Wavelength/m, 10^-14 - 10^-10

New node, Treatment of Cancer, Checking Welds, Sterilising Equipment

Electromagnetic Waves


Transfer Energy from one place to another

They are Transverse Waves

Travel Through Vacuum

Travel Through Vacuum with the Speed of 3X10^8

All show wave properties, Reflection, Refraction

Obey the wave Equation v=f(namda)