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Caffeine by Mind Map: Caffeine

1. Part if the Central Nervous System (CNS)

2. 5 short term affects

2.1. heartburn

2.2. Difficulty sleeping

2.3. Anxiety

2.4. Depression

2.5. nervousness

3. Modes of use

3.1. Through drinks and food

3.2. pills

4. Awarness

4.1. caffeine is the most mood altering drugs in the world

4.2. Caffeine makes you more stressed

5. 5 long term efects

5.1. Insomnia

5.2. vomiting

5.3. Heart disease

5.4. High blood pressure

5.5. nausea

6. Treatment options

6.1. Slowly stop using the drug or find a close person who will help you stop using the drug

6.2. Become aware of how much caffeine you are consuming daily

7. average cost of caffeine

7.1. Starbucks estimates are based on a 16-ounce grande coffee at $2.10 per cup. Home-brewed estimates are based on an approximate $8 cost of a 34 ounce can of Folgers or Maxwell House, which amounts to about $.08 per 16 ounce serving.