Week 7 Discussion Topic (Please title all your posts as “Date_YourName_Topic”)

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Week 7 Discussion Topic (Please title all your posts as “Date_YourName_Topic”) by Mind Map: Week 7 Discussion Topic (Please title all your posts as “Date_YourName_Topic”)

1. this is crazy

2. 2/16/2011: Jami Paintiff_Pro_Science

2.1. 2_16_2011_Hein_response

2.2. 02/17/2011_ACooper_ProScience

3. 2/15/2011_JamiPaintiff_Pro(Science)

3.1. tintin's reply to your post on mine.

3.2. 2_16_2011_Hein_response

3.2.1. 2/17/2011: Jami Paintiff_Pro_Science

4. 2_16_2011_Hein_PRO_ART

4.1. 2/16/2011_TintinLuo_Pro(Science)

4.1.1. 2_16_2011_Hein response 2_18_2011_Wittwer_Response 2.19.2011_Hein_response

4.2. 02/17/2011_ACooper_ProScience

4.2.1. 2.19.2011_Hein_response

5. 2/16/2011_TintinLuo_Pro(Science)

5.1. 2_16_2011_Hein_response

5.1.1. 02/17/2011_ACooper_ProScience Hein_response_2.19.2011

5.1.2. 2/19/2011_Tintin_reply to Dean

5.2. New node

6. Come on Pro Art people...make some posts!

6.1. 2/19/2011: It's really strange. Where are the Pro-science people?-Tintin

6.1.1. 2/19/2011: have to say, a little mess here!LOL-Pinchen

7. 02/17/2011_ACooper_ProScience

7.1. Hein_response_2.19.2011

8. 2/18/2011_JennaWittwer_ProScience

8.1. 2/19/2011_Tintin's reply_ProScience

9. HONDA or Maserati? _ Hein_comment_2.19.2011

9.1. 2/19/2011:Tintin-Pro Science

10. 2/19/2011_Tintin-Summary post-(I want to include this to share my thoughts, but tomorrow I won't have time to make more contribution on our debate probably) I love our debate and all of the speakers here, both cons and pros side!!! Just skip this if you don't have time to read:)

11. 2/19/2011_PinChenHu_Con(Art)

11.1. New node

12. Hein_2_20_2011_Summary_post

13. 2/20/2019_Mace_proScience

14. New node