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20161205 by Mind Map: 20161205

1. Regular Meeting every Monday

1.1. Athanasios Priftis

1.2. Vergis Emmanouil

1.3. Yannis Marketakis

1.4. Robert Woitsch

2. Status

2.1. Taking proposal as submitted

2.2. 1. Business Process Approach

2.2.1. 1.1-Technology Baseline smart disclosure any kind of information to be disclosed

2.2.2. 1.2-Business Process Approach 1. BP for organiation (Compliance) How users in adminstration work together 2. BP for improvement and learning (Knowledge) Additional "Learning Approach" 3. BPaaS for implementation and operation (Cloud) Cloud Operation with smart disclosure

2.3. 2. Technology

2.3.1. Available Technology

2.3.2. aligned with above (1) approach

2.3.3. Open Process Data

2.4. 3. Pilots

2.4.1. Grete

2.4.2. Cyprus

2.4.3. Amsterdam

2.4.4. Geneva

2.4.5. Sardinia

2.4.6. (Estonia)

2.5. 4. Coordinator

2.5.1. Deloitte Cyprus

2.5.2. (SmartParticipate)

2.6. 5. Consortium

2.6.1. End User Grete Cyprus City of Amsterdam Geneva Sardinia Aragon

2.6.2. IT-Industry BOC Partern A Possible Coordinator (next week)

2.6.3. Research FORTH HES Uni Crete Amsterdam

3. Number of completed and operational pilots

4. Number of data sets that have been disclosed.

5. Number of Smart Disclosure Communities, number of involved citizens

6. Number of data sets that have been published as LOD

7. Number of semantic warehouses, and for each one

8.  the number of datasets that have been integrated.

9.  the number of competency queries (required by the SDCs) that are answerable by the semantic warehouses (and not by the individual sources)

10.  the values of connectivity metrics that quantify the degree of integration

11. Number of PFS-explorable semantic views that have been deployed and are operational, number of users

12. Number of new applications that have been developed and use the offered integrated data and services