New York City

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New York City by Mind Map: New York City

1. Business

1.1. Finance

1.1.1. The world's epicenter of the financial markets, home to banks and financial service gurus.

1.2. Publishing

1.2.1. Home to major U.S. publishing houses.

1.3. Media

1.3.1. New York Times, Daily News, The New Yorker, New York magazine, Conde Nast.

1.3.2. CNN, NBC, ABC, MTV.

1.4. Diplomacy and Politics

1.4.1. United Nations, Borough politics.

2. Culture

2.1. Art

2.1.1. Artists, critics, and sellers.

2.1.2. Christie's and Sotheby's

2.2. Institutions

2.2.1. World renowned: Metropolitan Museum of Art, Museum of Modern Art, Tenement Museum, historical and cultural museums.

2.3. Fashion

2.3.1. Home of hundreds of designers and models.

2.3.2. Fashion Week, attracting people from around the world.

2.4. Theater, Dance and Film

2.4.1. Broadway and Off-Broadway

2.4.2. Both a center of film production and the backdrop to hundreds of films and TV shows.

2.5. Music

2.5.1. Composers and producers.

2.5.2. Concert halls: Carnegie Hall, Lincoln Center

3. Tourism

3.1. Over 45 million visitors a year.

3.1.1. Generating huge revenue for the city.

3.2. Major national attractions - Statue of Liberty, Empire State Building, Chrysler Building, Brooklyn Bridge.

4. Diversity

4.1. Languages

4.1.1. Hundreds of languages and dialects spoken in an area no greater than 25 square miles.

4.2. Distinct ethnic neighborhoods

4.2.1. Chinatown, Little Italy, Koreatown, Astoria, Brighton Beach and more.

4.3. Socioeconomics

4.3.1. Some of the poorest and richets Americans live within miles of each other.

5. Education

5.1. Major Research Universities

5.1.1. Columbia University, New York University, Fordham University.

5.2. Public education system

5.2.1. K-12, CUNY, educating hundreds of thousands of students a year.

5.3. Specialty institutions

5.3.1. Cooper Union, FIT,training and vocational schools.

6. Geography

6.1. Five Distinct Boroughs

6.1.1. One island surrounded by 4 other boroughs, accessible by train, car, and boat.

6.2. On a coast

6.2.1. A port city used as a trading outpost for centuries.

6.2.2. Close to Europe, adding to its savviness.

6.3. Accessible to the world

6.3.1. Three major airports, trains to anywhere in the country, roads and waterways allowing for easy transportation in and out.

7. History

7.1. Mutliple waves of European, Caribbean, South American, African, Asian immigrants.

7.2. Evolution of an island - farmland to town to port city to major metropolitan area.