Reade Naudascher's Mind Map Vocab Project

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Reade Naudascher's Mind Map Vocab Project by Mind Map: Reade Naudascher's Mind Map Vocab Project

1. Levels of Organization: From most specific to most broad.

1.1. Organism

1.1.1. Population Community Ecosystem

1.1.2. Food Chain Food Webs

2. Trophic Levels: From largest to smallest.

2.1. Producers

2.1.1. Primary Consumers Secondary Consumers Tertiary Consumers

3. Ecological Succession

3.1. Primary Succession

3.2. Secondary Succession

3.3. Pioneer Species

3.4. Climax Community

4. Population

4.1. Things that affect or have affected any population.

4.1.1. Limiting Factors

4.1.2. Black Plague

4.1.3. Industrial Revolution

4.2. Different Growths

4.2.1. Exponential Growth J-curve

4.2.2. Population Growth Rate

4.2.3. Logistic Growth S-curve

4.2.4. Population Growth Sustainability

5. Water

5.1. Water Pollution

5.1.1. Point Source Pollution

5.1.2. Non-Point Source Pollution

5.2. Aquifer

6. Biodiversity

6.1. Hot Spots

6.2. Human Threats

6.2.1. Habitat Destruction Overexploitation Introducing Foreign Species