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American revolution in George Washington's point of vew by Mind Map: American
revolution in
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American revolution in George Washington's point of vew

The Constitution

I am glad to see that the U.S. constitution is still around today, I think it is a great idea because it contains the amendments which give people rights. I am also glad to see that the people have added some.

Some examples of amendments that are good are the right to bear arms and the freedom of the press.

The constitution is a good thing because it was a blueprint for our current government so it was well organized.

The national Government is fair

It is a very good idea that the state government is less powerful than the national government and I'm glad it stayed that way

The idea that three diferent branches of government is needed. This makes sure that none of the branches get too powerful

This is done with checks and balances.

This helps avoid Tyrany.

I like the idea that even the government has to obey the laws

This is called Limited Government

The state Government is less powerful.

This is a good thing because States cannot tax each other.

This made it, and still makes it, easier to trade between states.

The national government wanted there to be only one type of currency.

This also makes it easier to trade.

The fact that all the states have = power is a great thing.

Brad Hennes