Porter's Five Forces: Competitive Rivalry

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Porter's Five Forces: Competitive Rivalry by Mind Map: Porter's Five Forces:  Competitive Rivalry

1. Buyer Power

1.1. Lot Quantity

1.2. Price Per Customer Revenue

1.3. Differentiation

1.4. Customer Switching Cost

2. Threat of New Entrant

2.1. Economies of Scale

2.2. Capital / Investment Requirements

2.3. Customer Switching Costs

2.4. Access to IndustryDistribution Channels

2.5. Likelihood of retaliation from existing industry players

3. Supplier Power

3.1. Differentiation of goods suppliers provide

3.2. Number of Suppliers

3.3. Importance of Goods

3.4. Switching cost for changing supplier

4. Threat of Substitution

4.1. Perceived quality and efficiency of substitute product

4.2. Competitive price for substitute product

4.3. Customer Switching Cost