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Why are the riots happening in Egypt now? by Mind Map: Why are the riots happening in Egypt now?
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Why are the riots happening in Egypt now?

Food prices

How much have prices risen?

What effect do rising food prices have on the poorest nations?

Why are we seeing the effect of rising food prices?

Why are food prices rising?

Young age of many Arabs

How does the average/median age of Egyptians compare to other Arab countries?

How does the age compare to the rest of the world, especially more stable countries?

What does youth have to do with unrest?

Social media (Twitter, Facebook)

How many people in Egypt use Facebook or Twitter?

How did the rioters organize once the government shut the Internet down?

How does Egyptians use of social media compare with Tunisia or Iran?

Democracy taking hold

Did Obama's speech a year or so ago have any effect

Did the young democracy in Iraq influence Egyptians?

What would the US do if the Egyptians elected a government hostile to the US or overly hostile to Israel?

What other countries are at risk of this same kind of rioting for change in government?

Which other countries in the Middle East have similar governments to Egypt?

What would be the effects on world oil supplies if other nations destabilized