slavery in the USA

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slavery in the USA by Mind Map: slavery in the USA

1. where did slaves come from.

1.1. Nigeria, Ghana, Angalo, Senegambia and Congo

2. how were slaves treated.

2.1. beaten, treated as property, forced to work under harsh conditions.

3. three-fifths policy

3.1. blacks were treated as 3/5 of a person

4. 3/5 policy impact

4.1. blacks were treated slightly better than before

5. harriet beecher stowe

5.1. slave who managed to escape and funded rescue trips.

6. Frederick douglass

6.1. literate slave. he made many good speeches for the sake of freedom granted to slaves.

7. link

7.1. both talk about brave blacks who dare to stand up for themselves and fight for their rights as human beings