Loron Landis Mind map Vocab project

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Loron Landis Mind map Vocab project by Mind Map: Loron Landis Mind map Vocab project

1. Biotic/Abiotic Factors

1.1. Producers are organisms that produce their own energy from the sun

1.1.1. Primary Consumers eat producers Secondary Consumers eat primary consumers Tertiary Consumers eat secondary consumers

2. Biodiversity

2.1. Biotic Factors are factors that are living

2.1.1. Abiotic Factors are factors that are not living Biodiversity is the number and variety of organisms found in a specific region Hotspots are threatened regions that have a large range of plant species

3. Limiting Factors

3.1. Ecological Succession is the gradual change of plant and animal species over a period of time

3.1.1. Primary Succession is the gradual growth of organisms in an area that was bare Secondary Sucession begins where soil was a home of living organisms Pioneer Species are the first to move into an ecosystem

4. Population

4.1. Population growth is the change in population over time

4.1.1. Black Plaque was the biggest decrease in human population Industrial Revelution was the biggest increase in human poulation Exponential Growth is the growth of population increasing rapidly

5. Food Webs

5.1. Food Webs show us what an ecosystem looks like. They are a whole bunch of food chains. They show us that organisms eat more than one thing.

5.1.1. Food Chains show the sequence in which energy is transfered from one organisim to the next as one eats the other. Levels of Organization Organism-any living thing

6. Water Pollution

6.1. Point Source Pollution

6.1.1. Non-Point Source Pollution is a large amount of water pollution that does not come from a single point, but from many sources An Aquifier is an underground bed or layer yeilding ground water for wells and springs. Water Pollution is the presence of any material in the water that is harmful to plants or animals. It affects the water's color, taste, odor, and causes the water to not be useful.