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RTI Anna Clyde 2.8.11 by Mind Map: RTI Anna Clyde 2.8.11
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RTI Anna Clyde 2.8.11


Anna Clyde

Concern is she has been receiving services from a young age

Dyslexic: Considering a 504 plan

Comes out intensive and strategic


Title and Lap for reading

Assessment performance number remain strategic and intensive

Fluency 125

SRI 543

easyCBM 61st percentile from 10th percentile

Receiving small group instruction

Has moved into a math group during RTI time in 5th grade

Scored 400 on the reading WASL

Challenge becomes decoding

Has had difficulty with expressive language. Saw Amy Fraiser for a short time.

Level 1 on math MSP

Confidence with work



Test for special education

Test for 504

Test Anna for special education and 504

Next Steps

Assess Anna for 504