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Khalifa by Mind Map: Khalifa

1. Shura Council

1.1. Head of the Shura Council

1.2. Minister of the Military Council

1.3. Official Spokesman

1.4. Chief Religious Advisor

1.5. Head of the Media Council

1.6. Councils and Committees

1.6.1. Military Council Minister of Military Council Chief of Staff Field Commander Field Commander Minister of Martyrs Minister of Logistics Minister of Foreign Affairs Minister of Explosives

1.6.2. Security and Intelligence Council Overall Head of Security Services Sub-Commander Minister of General/Public Security

1.6.3. Shari'a Council Chief Religious Advisor Chief Shar'i

1.6.4. Media and Communications Council Head of the Media Council Media Official General Manager of Media

2. The Delegated Committee

2.1. Wilayat in Iraq and Syria

2.1.1. Deputy of Iraq- Abu Ali al-Anbali Governor of Baghdad Province Governor of Anbar Province Governor of Kirkuk Province Governor of Salah ad Din Province Governor of al Furat Province (South and Central Euphrates) Governor of Ninawa

2.1.2. Deputy of Syria- Abu Muslim al-Turkani Governor of Raqqa Province Governor of Damascus Province Governor of Aleppo Province Governor of al-Khayr Province (formerly Deir ez Zour) Governor of Al-Badya Province (formerly Homs) Governor of Al-Barakah Province (formerly Hasakah)

2.2. Distant Wilayat

2.2.1. Barqa (Cyrenaica)- Libya

2.2.2. Fezzan- Libya

2.2.3. Tripoli

2.2.4. Sinai

2.2.5. Algeria

2.2.6. Khorasan- Afghanistan

2.2.7. West Africa

2.2.8. Caucasus

2.2.9. Yemen

2.2.10. Najd- Saudi Arabia

2.2.11. Haramayn- Saudi Arabia

2.3. Dawawin

2.3.1. Diwan of Education

2.3.2. Diwan of Hisba (Public Morality Enforcement)

2.3.3. Diwan of Soldiery

2.3.4. Diwan of Health

2.3.5. Diwan of Treasury

2.3.6. Diwan of Zakar

2.3.7. Diwan of Agriculture

2.3.8. Diwan of Proselytizing and Mosques

2.3.9. Diwan of Services

2.3.10. Diwan of Resources

2.3.11. Diwan of Fay’ and Ghana’im (War Spoils)

2.4. Offices and Committees

2.4.1. Financial Council

2.4.2. Leadership Council

2.4.3. Military Council

2.4.4. Legal Council

2.4.5. Fighters Assistance Council

2.4.6. Security Council

2.4.7. Intelligence Council

3. Cabinet

3.1. Minister of General Management

3.2. Minister of Prison

3.3. Minister of General Security

3.4. Minister of Finance

3.5. Minister of Communications

3.6. Minister of Suicide Bombers and Foreign Fighters

3.7. Minister of the Military Council

3.7.1. Chief of Staff

3.7.2. Major General