Dylan Stephens' Mind Map Vocab Project

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Dylan Stephens' Mind Map Vocab Project by Mind Map: Dylan Stephens' Mind Map Vocab Project

1. Organism - any form of life

2. Population - Group of individuals of the same species found in a given area or located in the same area at a given time.

3. Community - Populations of living organisms that interact with one another in an ecosystem

4. Ecosystem - Group of living organisms that interact with one another and the nonliving physical enviorment as 1 unit.

5. Biome - Geographic region of the Earth that is inhabited by a community of distinct types of plant and associated animal species.

6. Biosphere - Layer of soil, water, and air that sustains life.

7. Food Chain - A diagram that shows the sequence in which energy is transfered from one organism to another.

8. Food Web - The view of consumers in an ecosystem

9. Producer - An organism that produces its own energy from our sun.

9.1. Primary Consumer

9.1.1. Secondary Consumer Tertiary Consumer

10. Trophic Levels - Levels of energy

11. Rainforest - Fertile region with alot of vegetation. Covers 6% of Earth's surface.

12. Temperate Diciduous Forest - Forest that is easily affected by weather and tempreature.

13. Coniferous Forest - Forest made up of pinetrees.

14. Desert - a very dry and sandy region

15. Tundra - a treeless area

16. Savannah - a grassland with scattered trees and shrubs.

17. Freshwater biome - Biome that contains freshwater such as marshes or swamps.

18. Marine Biome - Biome located in the ocean.

19. Biotic Factors - The living parts of an ecosystem

20. Abiotic Factors - The nonliving parts of an ecosystem

21. Biodiversity - The degree of variation of life forms within a given ecosystem.

22. Hot Spots - An area of volcanic activity.

23. Ecological Succession - The process of an ecosystem changing overtime.

24. Primary Succession - when there was no ecosystem before.

25. Secondary Succession - when something has destroyed the natural comminuty.