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Alex Land's Totally Awesome and Rad Mindmeister Project by Mind Map: Alex Land's Totally Awesome and Rad Mindmeister Project
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Alex Land's Totally Awesome and Rad Mindmeister Project

Levels of Oganization Pyramid







Trophic Levels

Definition: The order of predators as they eat their prey to get energy.


Producers get their energy from the Sun because they use photosynthesis to make their food; producers are plants.  

Primary Consumer

Primary consumers are animals or humans that eat the producers to survive.

Secondary Consumers

These animals or humans eat the primary consumer for their food.

Tertiary Consumer

They eat the secondary comsumer for their energy.

Food Chains and Food Webs

Food Webs

Shows all the consumers in an ecosystem and what they eat.

Food Chain

Food Chains only show one thing that a consumer eats.

Biomes of the World


Rainforests are either along the equator, or on the coast of some contients. These tropical places are homes to snakes, extoic birds, mangroves, and other different animals and plants.

Temperate Deciduous Forest

Temperate Deciduous Forest have four seasons 

Coniferous Forest

Coniferous forest are homes to colossal trees; trees like evergreens. Coniferous forests get up to thirty five inches of rainfall.


Deserts are very hot or very cold places. Deserts are usually the home of plants like cacti or plants like the Dragon Tree. Deserts get little to non rain fall.  


Tundras are really cold places, which get little rainfall. The soil in tundras are usually to substain plant life, until the summer time. At this time only acouple of plants can grow and bloom before it gets cold again. Animals have to adapt to life in places like near the North Pole or part of Asia.


Grasslands/Savannahs are big open areas that get around thirty inches of rainfall; Grasslands have fertile soil, which is good for plant life. Animals like bison, zebras, and warthogs live in grasslands/savannahs.

Freshwater Biome

Freshwater biomes consist of lakes, ponds, streams, rivers, wetlands, etc.! Only certain types of plants and animals can live in freshwater biomes.

Marine Biome

Biotic Factors vs. Abiotic Factors

Biotic Definition

Biotic factors are the living factors of an ecosystem. Biotic factors are everything living, even things that were living.

Abiotic Definition

The non-living parts in an ecosystem, BUT the parts must provide the biotic factors with a way to live.


Definition: The variety of different species in a given location.

Hot Spots

Hot Spots are located around the equator, which are places where more then half of the species of animals are located.

Ecological Succession

Definition: The regrowth of a given location in stages.

Basic Types of Succession

Pioneer Species

Pioneer Species are the species that are the first ones to move into an ecosystem; like lichens.

Climax Community

Climax Communities are apart of final stage of an ecosystem that can no longer change.

Limiting Factors

Limiting Factors are the conditions in an enviroment that limit the amount a species's growth.

Carrying Capacity

Carrying Capacity is the number of an individual species that are in an ecosystem.

Population Growth

Population Growth is when a population is not challenged by factors like die, dieases, starvation, and that has a constant birth rate.

Exponential Growth

Definition: The growth of a population with a rate.


Sustainability is when a species will be able to make progess while there is change.

The Curves


When the growth of a line on a graph, at first is slow to rise, but then becomes steeper; to a point in which is looks like a J.


When the growth of a line on a graph consistly goes up and down, looking like an S.

Population Growth Rate

The change of a population's growth over a period of time.

Water Pollution

Deadly chemicals being put into bodies of water, which can kill many different types of species.

The Points


This is a body of water, that is found underground, like springs or water for wells.